Search parties

We were missing all of usual navigators on last night’s run (after 10 years I’m still learning the ropes!) and the route suffered a bit as a result. Things started off okay as Neil found the golf course without too much trouble and from there it’s an easy route to Janesmoor Pond. We struggled a bit finding a good line to Cadnams Pond and popped out on the road far too early (although I was sufficiently confused by this point to think we might have overshot). There was then yet more confusion about the location of Ocknell Pond and the route we should take to the campsite (we ended up half way between the path route and the high and dry route i.e. undulating through numerous marshy re-entrants). We eventually found our way back to Rufus Stone though in around 75 minutes and semi-darkness.

Unfortunately we had left one of the party at Janesmoor Pond to take a more direct route to Ocknell Pond. We failed to see them there and when we returned to the car park their vehicle was unoccupied. After an hour and a half had passed we dispatched a couple of cars to scout the area. Fortunately, our lost soul reappeared about twenty minutes later having taken a rather circuitous route back and we were all able to repair to the pub.

For the record, our route is below although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend following its every twist and turn!

Rufus Stone GPX

2 Responses to “Search parties”

  1. Neil says:

    given that I was actually right for once, all I can say is that you should have followed me to Cadman pool. Admitly I did lead you up too early (and while I did so I was wandering why we needed to cross a fence given that we never do so when running from Fritham) but once I was on the plain I knew where we were. And I was even planning on taking a dry route home.

    Anyway do you have ideas about where to run tomorrow?


    • Dave says:

      Neil – I was trying to be politic so apologies if I wasn’t giving credit where it was due. Though, did you change your mind about the dry route home once we’d crossed the road to Stoney Cross then?! As for tomorrow, I’d suggest we start and finish at Rufus Stone and do some kind of loop! I’ll bring a map though least the old hands don’t show up…