Disappearing remote desktop connection bar

Whilst still awaiting my replacement laptop I’ve been working in a VMware image on a spare blade server accessed via Remote Desktop. The idea being that when my laptop finally turns up I can just continue using the image there. For some reason the connection bar at the top of my remote desktop session keeps vanishing. I don’t mean that it’s just hidden – no amount of mouse wiggling can make it reappear. Fortunately, with the aid of a list of keyboard shortcuts, I can now toggle between full screen and windowed modes and hence escape a session.

3 Responses to “Disappearing remote desktop connection bar”

  1. Neil says:

    what version of remote desktop are you using? Personally I find the most annoying thing is connecting to a linux image running X windows designed for a 3 button mouse with a macbook with its one button mouse. Luckily most things I do I can do via the command line so it isn’t crucial but it does get very fustrating at times.


    • Dave says:

      Hi Neil,

      This is from XP to Vista (well, XP running under VMware on Vista!) so no mouse button worries for me. Isn’t there some special button on a Mac keyboard that emulates a right-click?


      • Doug says:

        When you go to start a RDP session (before clicking connect), there is a “Show Options” dropdown arrow that will give you a TON of options. Go to the “Display” tab and at the bottom is a checkbox for “Display the connection bar when I use the full screen.” It is usually unchecked when the slider under “Display Configuration” is all the way up to fullscreen. Check that box and you will be good to go.