Run Some Pubs

702On Saturday, the annual “Run the Pubs” took place where we run between all of the pubs that have been visited as part of the Tuesday night runs during the preceeding summer. I was still feeling a bit under the weather so was happy enough when Christine suggested that we run it as a relay. Unfortunately my leg was considerably longer than her’s: The High Corner Inn to Bank (via the Royal Oak, Sir Walter Tyrell and New Forest Inn) versus Bank to Beaulieu Road Station. I survived though to enjoy the post-run meal at the final pub. (Note: Darren did make it to the finish this year, just not in time for the photo!)

Run the Pubs 2008

2 Responses to “Run Some Pubs”

  1. Neil says:

    in addition to your leg being longer is was also a lot hillier. But at least the
    scenery was better. Just wait until summer until we do the round trip via

    P.S. you might also want to point out that Emma did not do any of the run
    and so doesn’t deserve to be in the picture at all.

    • Dave says:

      What do you mean that Emma did not do any of the run?! I’m sure she took Christine to the Royal Oak and back whilst we were getting to Bank. 😉