Post-Xmas Orienteering

We spent Christmas at my parents’ this year and had a relaxing few days. The excitement of Christmas was slow to grow on Emma and she had to be enticed in to opening presents. She started to warm to it a bit after that. Thankfully our Fisher Price heliport and lift and load depot off eBay went down well (they just don’t make them like that any more) and The Tickle Book and The Bedtime Bear are now regulars on the reading list. Yesterday we headed back down to Southampton via the Southern Navigators’ event at Long Valley.

Christine had the first split start whilst I took Emma round the string course. This gave me time to consider whether 12km with a cough/cold was a good idea. I decided it wasn’t and changed down to M21S. When the time came I didn’t feel too bad although had to stop periodically to cough or empty my nose!

I’ll claim that it was affecting my brain though as I managed to waste about 6 minutes on 13 (turned right rather than left once I hit the open ride) and 15 (no idea what I was doing here). Even without those mistakes Richard Guillaume would still have given me a sound beating (although it would have put me ahead of the W21L winner). I felt pretty drained come the evening though so I was glad I hadn’t run M21L. Let’s hope I can shake this cold before the New Year.

Long Valley M21S GPX

2 Responses to “Post-Xmas Orienteering”

  1. Dave says:

    Added my GPS track to the SN RouteGadget site. I’m still not much wiser as to what happened at 15. I think I must have just turned north on the open ride without it really registering. It’s a shame there aren’t more routes up for comparison.

  2. Neil says:

    I could put a route up for comparision if you like although I doubt it would
    do much good.

    I am glad you all had a good christmas.