Thursday night run

Tonight was my first Tuesday night run of the week having attending the SOC club night last week. We did the Thursday Night Run backwards (apparently!). I was just glad to keep my dinner down having finished eating only half an hour before the run. I’ve got used to eating at half five these days and find it hard to wait until eight o’clock or later. I put it down as good mountain marathon training!

Thursday Night Run GPX

2 Responses to “Thursday night run”

  1. Michael Yeo says:

    “Tonight was my first Tuesday night run of the week” makes me wonder how many Tuesdays there are in a week! As usual I am having to guess that the Thursday Night Run would be clockwise and therefore you headed north to start?

    • Dave says:

      The mistakes I have to make to solicit a comment from Mike! I should think that if we can have a Thursday night run on a Tuesday then we should be able to get more than one Tuesday night run in to a week… Or perhaps I should have said year? 😉 You’ve guessed correctly about the direction – I’ll have to think of a good way to get that to display on the map.