Highfield Street-O

Tonight it was the second SOC street event of the year. This time we were starting at The Crown, Highfield, Southampton. There was a much better turnout from the club this time probably reflecting the more central location.

As in previous years, it looked entirely feasable to pick up all of Colin’s controls so it was full pelt all the way round. I was glad to be following Jon Forster out of the start as we wove through the University campus and nipped through the foyer of the Nuffield Theatre! I tried out a few different routes to previous years. For example, for 17 I decided to pick up after 9 rather than having to drop all the way down the hill to collect it on the way between 16 and 22. This proved a mistake with a slippery board walk to negotiate. It would have probably also been better to get 13 on the way from 5 to 24.

Still, I managed to get all of the controls in 55 minutes covering just over 12.5km.

Highfield Street-O GPX

One Response to “Highfield Street-O”

  1. Dave says:

    On filing the map away tonight I realise this was actually exactly the same course as last time. Interestingly, my new route choices seem to be just slightly shorter and, better still, I was running faster this time!