Christmas 2011

983I had a full two weeks off over Christmas so it was a nice relaxing period. We were at Christine’s parents in the run up to the day itself with her Dad’s birthday part of the festivities. Father Christmas had brought Emma a doll’s house and Duncan a balance bike (both from eBay I’m told). Needless to say, the bike is still too big for Duncan and Emma likes riding it and Duncan is probably the prime user of the doll’s house. We attempted a walk up the Skirrid in the morning. It proved far too muddy for even the off-road buggy and, although Emma surged up the hill with Granny Sue, the wind turned them back once they left the trees. Christmas Day didn’t end too well for me as I was sick – I put it down to eating too many pistachio nuts!

After a return home we then decamped to my parents but we were back home again for the New Year weekend when we attempted to get done at least a few of those things on the to-do list before returning to work. Not one of those items but Emma and I particularly enjoyed putting together and decorating the gingerbread train I’d received for Christmas – a much more successful effort than last year’s gingerbread house. On New Year’s Eve we had a bit of screaming from Emma when the first few sets of fireworks went off but, by some miracle, she slept through the half hour of fireworks that came around midnight. Although I was back at work on the Tuesday, it was an inset day for Emma and she had a very enjoyable afternoon with a few friends from school over (including starting to demolish the train!). That seemed to leave her ready to go back to school the following day.

4 Responses to “Christmas 2011”

  1. Jane says:

    What a lovely slide, you have a wonderful family and wait, your Christmas Tree is so unique, you just gave me an idea for this year’s Christmas. David, is it ok to use that Christmas Tree pic sometime on my blog?

    • Dave says:

      I couldn’t decide whether this was a spam comment or not! If not, “unique” is one word for it (trying not to upset the in-laws here whose tree it was!) – you’re welcome to use the picture if it’s appropriately credited.

  2. Jane says:

    Ouch. Unique in the sense that it’s imperfect, rustic yet edgy! Let me say this, that Christmas Tree looks happy! 🙂 And yes, I’ll surely mention my source. Don’t you want me to read your blog? lol 🙂