First orienteering of the year

986At the weekend, we went to our first orienteering event of the year (and Christine’s first as a W35!). I went round the 2.9km yellow course with the children which, when combined with the 800m to/from the start/finish and the hills proved a bit of an epic and we ended up in our usual position in the results. Other than a little pre mid-course snack whining from Emma, both children seemed to enjoy themselves although Duncan only climbed out of the buggy to punch at each control. I went for a run afterwards, sticking to the paths as my ankle still hasn’t fully recovered nearly three months on. I’m now on anti-inflammatories to try and remove the last of the swelling from the joint and hopefully allow the physio and exercises to do their work properly.

4 Responses to “First orienteering of the year”

  1. Neil Broderick says:

    you should move to Auckland and try the summer series. Surprisingly at the last
    event the girls did they came joint 2nd. I won’t mention how I do when the girls
    aren’t around but it is closer to Emma’s position than I would like.


  2. Neil Broderick says:

    You can tell Emma that we have rejoined her at our usual place
    in the ranking.